Let’s Bloom Together!
In Partnership with Globe Eyewear:


This spring, in an effort to support, express gratitude for, & bring awareness to the downtown businesses & organizations that make Holland home, Tulip Time is facilitating a virtual collective of small businesses through an initiative called “Bloom Together”.

Through Bloom Together, Tulip Time will help provide a platform for downtown businesses to sell branded apparel online with no overhead costs or logistical demands. For every business-specific shirt sold, that business will receive 50% of the proceeds. For every “Bloom Together” shirt sold, all participating businesses split a share of the proceeds. Silkscreen Marketing will be providing the e-commerce page, apparel design, printing, & distribution of the shirts.

Bloom Together is born in the hope of the collective flourishing of our downtown community – that the best & truest Holland is found when we are all able to bloom together. While we wait for ways to safely celebrate that idea in person, we want to preemptively seek new ways we can participate until then.