Our Team

Cam Morgan

A gifted screen printer, music maker, and Monday morning story teller – seriously this guy’s weekend updates are legendary. Cam has been with the company for nearly 7 years now and manages all production in the print shop. Interests include trains, true crime, and vegan chicken nuggets.

Blake Johnson

The magic behind the scenes. Blake is our lead designer and soccer correspondent. He’s responsible for all incoming orders and communication. Interests include fixing up bicycles and mopeds, quilt making, and sending those self-drawing imessages.

Kylen Blom

Owner and founder. Kylen has been in the screen printing biz for over a decade and has a story to tell for just about any situation. He specializes in problem solving and field dressing wild game. He also has perfect pitch.

This Could Be You!

As the ideal candidate, you are interested in the local small business economy & are driven by creative endeavors. You are humble, you are inspired by working alongside others, and you thrive off feedback.