See you on the way!

The Printmobile is the mobile extension of our printshop, allowing us to share in the art & craft of screen printing communally. Need help telling your story on-site? Looking for a fun way to engage an audience? How about custom merchandise with no overhead? We’ll grab our keys!

Pick a Shirt

We bring the inventory to you! We take pride in what we source & keep the truck stocked with a variety of colors and styles to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight T-shirt or a cozy sweatshirt, you’ll find the right fit and style on-board.

Pick some Art

The Printmobile is a creative celebration of people & place. We come to every event with memorable artwork unique to the moment, that is guaranteed to look great on a variety of the blanks we source. It’s up to you to choose the art/shirt combos though!

Put it on!

Check out our printing process from start to finish (we’ll even let you hold the squeegee if you’d like). In about a minute, we’ll have given you the shirt off our rack! Printed, cured, and ready to wear!



Involved in a school or group interested in learning about screen printing? Ask about our mobile workshops! We’ll teach and show you our printing & design processes from start to finish.

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