Tulip Time: Part of The Small Business Collective

The Tulips Will Always Bloom!


Stand with us and help us bring the joy of Tulip Time back to Holland, Michigan in 2021! 

Since 1929, Tulip Time has brought hundreds of thousands of tulip blossoms — and an equal number of Dutch Dancers and tulip-lovers — to the city of Holland, Michigan. Tulip Time prides itself in collaborating with local businesses and organizations to welcome 500,000 attendees and 48 million dollars in economic impact to the city each year.

Many don’t realize that Tulip Time is a 501C3 nonprofit organization, a business entity that operates separately from the City of Holland. The organization relies on donations, ticket sales, merchandise sales and participation fees to sustain the festival and offset programming expenses. After 10 months of planning and investing in the 2020 festival, the cancellation and resulting loss of Tulip Time’s entire revenue stream leaves the organization in a precarious position, as most programming costs cannot be recouped. 

Proceeds from each shirt will go to helping Tulip Time get back on its feet and mitigate the losses from cancelling the 91st festival. Your purchase will enable Tulip Time to continue serving the Holland community and reimagine the festival for years to come.